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Here we have my family scrapbook. I've posted some of the less embarrassing photographs of my various ancestors and relations, and I'm diligently searching the Holloway Family Archives for additional photographs that can stand up to public display. It's a much harder job than you might suppose.

This is Lula (McMaster) and Butler Holloway, my grandmother and grandfather. This picture was probably taken about 1915, shortly after their wedding.

This is Butler Holloway after he joined the Army in 1918. He was assigned to the 138th Spruce Squadron as a private. He spent his portion of World War I logging spruce trees in the Pacific Northwest for use in making airplanes.

Here we have the Holloway family, Lula and Butler Holloway in the rear, with their four boys, Dale, Virgil, Lloyd, and Burton (my father). This picture was taken at the family home in Porter, Washington. I have no idea why they're standing in the bushes.

This picture was probably taken in the late 1930s, after the four Holloway boys had grown up a bit. From the left are Lloyd, Virgil, Burton, and Dale Holloway.

This is my Uncle Dale Holloway and his prom date (I hope that's who she is).

Here's a clipping from the Aberdeen Daily World about the four brothers in the armed services during World War II.

This is my father, Burton Holloway.

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This is my father's unit, the 786th Tank Battalion, Service Company. Dad's in the 2nd row from the top, the last guy on the left (see below).

Just in case you were wondering which one was dad.

My Uncle Lloyd Holloway.

Lula and Butler Holloway, probably taken around 1960 or so.

A snapshot of my Uncle Dale Holloway and his buddy, Bert Sutton (on the left).

A clipping from the Elma Chronicle about my Uncle Virgil Holloway, from 1978.

My father, Burton Holloway, in 1987.

This is me, Clark Holloway.

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