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An Entertainment of King James and Queen Ann.

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King  JAMES,  and  Queen  ANN,


T H E O B A L D S,

W H E N  T H E

House was delivered up, with the Possession, to the Queen,
by the Earl of Salisbury, the 22 of May, 1607.

The Prince Janvile, Brother to the Duke of Guise, being then present.


He King, and Queen, with the Princes of Wales, and
Lorrain, and the Nobility, being entred into the Gal-
 lery, after Dinner there was seen nothing but a tra-
 verse of white across the Room: which suddenly
drawn, was discovered a gloomy obscure Place, hung all with
black Silks, and in it only one Light, which the
Genius of the
House held, sadly attir'd; his
Cornucopia ready to fall out of
his Hand, his Garland drooping on his Head, his Eyes fixed
on the Ground; when, out of his pensive Posture, after some
little Pause, he brake, and began.

Et not your Glories darken, to behold
   The place, and me, her Genius here, so sad;
Who, by bold Rumour, have been lately told,
   That I must change the loved Lord, I had.
And he, now, in the twilight of sere Age,
   Begin to seek a Habitation new;
And all his Fortunes, and himself engage
   Unto a Seat, his Fathers never knew.
And I, uncertain what I must endure,
   Since all the ends of Dest'ny are obscure.

   Here a Voice was heard from behind the Darkness, which bad

M E R C U R Y.

Despair not, Genius, thou shalt know thy Fate.

   And withall, the black vanishing, was discovered a glorious
Place, figuring the
Lararium, or Seat of the Houshold Gods,
where both the
Lares and Penates were painted in copper Colour;

[column break]

erected with Columns and Architrabe, Freeze, and Coronice, in
which were placed divers Diaphanal Glasses, fill'd with several
Waters, that shew'd like so many Stones of orient and transparent
Hiews. Within, as farther off, in
Landtschap, were seen
Clouds riding, and in one corner, a Boy figuring
Good Event,
attired in white, hovering in the Air, with Wings displayed,
having nothing seen to sustain him by, all the time the Shew
lasted. At the other corner, a
Mercury descended, in a flying
Posture, with his
Caduceus in his Hand, who spake to the
Parc, that sat low in a Grate, with an Iron Roof, the
one holding the Rock, the other the Spindle, and the third the
Sheers, with a Book of Adamant lying open before them. But
first, the
Genius surpriz'd by wonder, urg'd this doubt, by

G E N I U S.

Hat sight is this, so strange! and full of state!
 The Son of Maia, making his descent
Unto the Fates, and met with good Event.

M E R C U R Y.

Daughters of Night, and Secresy, attend;
   You, that draw out the Chain of Destiny,
Upon whose Threads, both Lives and Times depend,
   And all the Periods of Mortality.
The will of Jove is, that you straight do look
   The Change, and Fate unto this House decreed,
And speaking from your Adamantine Book,
   Unto the Genius of the Place it read;
That he may know, and knowing bless, his Lot,
   That such a Grace, beyond his Hopes hath got.
T t                      C L O T H O.                       

322 Entertainments.                 

C L O T H O.

When underneath thy Roof, is seen
The greatest King, and fairest Queen,
With Princes an unmatched Pair,
One, hope of all the Earth, their Heir;
The other stiled of Lorrain,
Their Blood; and sprung from Charlemaine:
When all these Glories jointly shine,
And fill thee with a heat Divine,
And these reflected, do beget
A splendent Sun, shall never set,
But here shine fixed, to affright
All after-hopes of following Night,
Then, Genius, is thy Period come,
To change thy Lord: Thus, Fates do doom.

G E N I U S.

But is my Patron with this Lot content,
   So to forsake his Fathers Monument?
Or, Is it Gain, or else Necessity,
   Or Will to raise a House of better Frame,
That makes him shut forth his Posterity
   Out of his Patrimony, with his Name?

M E R C U R Y.

Nor Gain, nor Need; much less a vain Desire,
   To frame new Roofs, or build his Dwelling higher;
He hath, with Mortar, busied been too much,
   That his Affections should continue such.

G E N I U S.

Do Men take Joy in Labours, not t'enjoy?
   Or doth their Business all their likings spend?
Have they more pleasure in a tedious way,
   Than to repose them at their Journies end?

M E R C U R Y.

Genius, Obey, and not Expostulate;
   It is your Virtue: and such Powers as you,
Should make Religion of offending Fate,
   Whose Dooms are just, and whose Designs are true.

L A C H E S I S.

The person, for whose Royal sake,
Thou must a Change so happy make,
Is he, that governs with his smile,
This lesser World, this greatest Isle.

[column break]

His Lady's Servant thou must be;
Whose second would great Nature see,                       
Or Fortune, after all their pain,
They might despair to make again.

A T R O P O S.

She is the grace of all, that are:
And as Eliza, now a Star,
Unto her Crown, and lasting praise,
Thy humbler walls (at first) did raise,
By virtue of her best Aspect;
So shall Bel-anna them protect:
And this is all, the Fates can say;
Which first believe, and then obey.

G E N I U S.

Mourn'd I before? Could I commit a Sin
   So much 'gainst kind, or knowledg, to protract
A Joy, to which I should have ravish'd been,
   And never shall be happy, till I act?
Vouchsafe, fair Queen, my Patron's zeal in me;
   Who flie with Fervor, as my Fate commands,
To yield these Keys: and wish, that you could see
   My heart as open to you, as my hands.
There might you read my Faith, my Thoughts But
   My Joys, like Waves, each other overcome!
And Gladness drowns where it begins to flow.
   Some greater Powers speak out, for mine are dumb.

At this, was the place fill'd with rare and choice Musick, to
   which was heard the following Song, deliver'd by an excel-
   lent voice, and the burden maintain'd by the whole Quire.

S O N G.

O blessed Change!
And no less glad, than strange!
Where, we, that lose, have won;
And, for a Beam, enjoy a Sun.

    Cho.  {  So, little Sparks become great Fires,
And high Rewards crown low Desires.

Was ever Bliss
More full, or clear, than this!
The present Month of May
Ne're look'd so fresh, as doth this day.

    Cho.  {  So, gentle Winds breed happy Springs,
And Duty thrives by breath of Kings.

The Author B. J.


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