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What seest thou else
In the dark backward and abysm of time?

The Tempest, Act I, Scene ii.

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William Shakespeare
1. The Stratford Monument  2. The Droeshout Engraving  3. The Marshall Engraving  4. The Faithorne Engraving  5. The Flower Portrait
6. The Chandos Portrait  7. The Hilliard Minature  8. The Soest Portrait  9. The Sanders Portrait  10. Shakespeare in Love 

The Theater

1.The Globe Theatre  2.The Globe Theatre  3.The Swan Theatre  4.The New Globe 


1.Elizabeth I  2.James I  3.Richard Burbage  4.Edward Alleyn  5.Gwyneth Paltrow 

Picture Notes
William Shakespeare:
1. Shakespeare's Stratford Monument, Gheerart Janssen, between 1616 and 1623.
2. The Droeshout Engraving, from the title page to the First Folio, published 1623.
3. The Marshall Engraving, from the 1640 edition of Shakespeare's Poems, presumably copied from the Droeshout engraving.
4. The Faithorne Engraving, from the 1655 edition of The Rape of Lucrece, copied from the Droeshout engraving.
5. The Flower Portrait (named for Mrs. Charles Flower, an early owner), by an unknown artist. A later copy of the Droeshout engraving.
6. The Chandos Portrait (named for the Duke of Chandos), attributed to John Taylor. Believed to be of Shakespeare, though the identity is uncertain.
7. Minature portrait, Nicholas Hilliard, 1588. Although the sitter is unknown, it is thought by some to be a portrait of Shakespeare at the age of 24.
8. The Soest Portrait, Gerard Soest (d. 1681). In the possession of the Birthplace Trust.
9. The Sanders Portrait, attributed to John Sanders. Purportedly painted in 1603, most likely a much later hoax.
10. Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare in Love, 1998.

The Theater:
1. The Globe. A 17th Century drawing after Visscher's View, c. 1616.
2. The Globe. Another reproduction after Visscher's View.
3. The Swan. A copy of a sketch by de Witt, c. 1595.
4. The New Globe. A reconstruction of the Globe playhouse in London, 1998.

1. Elizabeth I. From the Armada Portrait by George Gower.
2. James I. By Mytens, 1621.
3. Richard Burbage, Shakespeare's leading player. Portrait possibly by Burbage himself.
4. Edward Alleyn, most famous of the Elizabethan actors. He may have played Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus.
5. Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare in Love, 1998. Because it's my web page and I'll put it up here if I want to.

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