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We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.
Henry V, Act IV, scene iii.

  • General Shakespeare Links

    Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet Maintained by Terry A. Gray. Simply the best Shakespeare site available. While rich in content itself (such as it's excellent Shakespeare Timeline), an invaluable service provided by this site is it's comprehensive links to all things Shakespearean on the Internet.

    Shakespeare Online Another dizzyingly comprehensive site, this one maintained by Amanda Mabillard.

    The Internet Shakespeare Editions From the University of Victoria. A remarkable resource. The "Annex" contains transcriptions of a number of Folio and Quarto versions of the plays.

    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare From MIT.

    Facsimile Editions of Shakespeare's Works From the Furness Shakespeare Library. Includes a complete facsimile edition of the First Folio and several Quarto Editions of individual plays, such as King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Merchant of Venice, 1 Henry IV, Henry V, Pericles, Taming of the Shrew, and the 1640 collection of Poems. Also includes other facsimiles of interest to Shakespeare buffs. Use Search or Browse to find the text you're interested in.

  • The Authorship "Problem" Links:

    The Shakespeare Authorship Page Maintained by Terry Ross and Dave Kathman. The first place to visit for comprehensive information on the authorship "problem". Includes links to other authorship sites, with full representation from both sides of the debate.

    The Place 2 Be Nigel Davies' home page. Press the "Literature" button for links to Nigel's three pages on the authorship "problem".

    STATISTICS of plays by William Shakespeare Hartmut Ilsemann, of the English Department of Hannover University, has demonstrated that Shakespeare wrote his plays by comparing the speech length in plays written before and after the opening of the Globe in 1599. His conclusion is that the change in speech lengths shows a change in the artistic (and financial) involvement of Shakespeare after he became co-owner of the Globe.

  • Related Links:

    Shakespeare's Globe Presents a guide to the new Globe playhouse in London.

    Oregon Shakespeare Festival Official webpage.

    Bardolatry Debra Murphy's eclectic family website devoted to the art of storytelling (plus a few other things), and especially to the 'god' of her bardolatry, William Shakespeare.

    Shakespeare in Love An unofficial fan site celebrating the delightful movie.

    Samuel Johnson Maintained by Jack Lynch. Your one-stop-shopping site for information on Samuel Johnson.

    Thomas Nashe: Elizabethan Writer An excellent set of pages by Rita Lamb on one of Shakespeare's often overlooked contemporaries.

  • Help for Students:

    Shakespeare Dictionary Stephen Sherman's selective and personal dictionary of troublesome words found in Shakespeare's plays.

    Surfing with the Bard: Your Shakespeare Classroom on the Internet. Maintained by Amy Ulen.

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