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Pulp and Comic Strip Old Time Radio Programs

Many pulp and comic strip characters had their own radio shows during the golden age of radio. In connection with my Pulp Heroes and Comic Strip pages, I'm making available some of my favorite Old Time Radio (OTR) programs that I've stored on my web site in MP3 format.

MP3 format files from my collection available for download.

Currently, I've posted episodes of Bringing Up Father, The Green Lama, The Lone Ranger, Tailspin Tommy, the Lux Radio version of King Solomon's Mines, and the entire 26-episode run of The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon from 1935. In order to access the files you'll need an MP3 player. If you don't have an MP3 player, you can download one free from Nullsoft Winamp.

To play an episode, click on the radio dial icon next to the episode you're interested in. To download an episode to your computer (probably the best option if you have a slow connection), right-click on the icon and select "Save Target As..." from the menu.

The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon
Episode 1 Episode 1, "On the Planet Mongo," Air Date 4/27/1935
Episode 2 Episode 2, "Befriends Lion Men and Stops a Wedding," Air Date 5/4/1935
Episode 3 Episode 3, "Imprisoned by the Hawkmen," Air Date 5/11/1935
Episode 4 Episode 4, "Death Battle won by Flash," Air Date 5/18/1935
Episode 5 Episode 5, "Rules over Cave World," Air Date 5/25/1935
Episode 6 Episode 6, "Blue Magic Men Capture Flash," Air Date 6/1/1935
Episode 7 Episode 7, "Dr. Zarkov to the Rescue," Air Date 6/8/1935
Episode 8 Episode 8, "Aide Tal Plants Seeds of Doubt," Air Date 6/15/1935
Episode 9 Episode 9, "Flash Charges Ice Barricade of Hawkmen," Air Date 6/22/1935
Episode 10 Episode 10, "Dr. Zarkov is Thawed Out," Air Date 7/6/1935
Episode 11 Episode 11, "Dr. Zarkov Shoots Cooks with Electrodes," Air Date 7/13/1935
Episode 12 Episode 12, "Flash Regains Memory," Air Date 7/20/1935
Episode 13 Episode 13, "General Tal Rescues Azora," Air Date 7/27/1935
Episode 14 Episode 14, "General Tal Attacks Flash," Air Date 8/3/1935
Episode 15 Episode 15, "Dr. Zarkov Builds Invisible Ray Machine," Air Date 8/10/1935
Episode 16 Episode 16, "Flash, the Avenging Shadow," Air Date 8/17/1935
Episode 17 Episode 17, "Azora Regains Memory," Air Date 8/24/1935
Episode 18 Episode 18, "Flash, Still Invisible, Escapes," Air Date 9/7/1935
Episode 19 Episode 19, "General Tal tries Capturing Dr. Zarkov," Air Date9/14/1935
Episode 20 Episode 20, "Pit of Peril and Death Dwarfs," Air Date 9/21/1935
Episode 21 Episode 21, "Pit of Fire," Air Date 9/21/1935
Episode 22 Episode 22, "Trapped behind the Iron Door," Air Date 9/28/1935
Episode 23 Episode 23, "Flash, King of Cave World," Air Date 10/5/1935
Episode 24 Episode 24, "General Tal seizes Azora's Throne," Air Date 10/12/1935
Episode 25 Episode 25, "Flash, Dale, & Dr. Zarkov Crash in Rocket," Air Date 10/19/1935
Episode 26 Episode 26, "Flash and Dale Married in the Jungle," Air Date 10/26/1935
Bringing Up Father
Episode 6 Bringing Up Father: Episode 6, transcription disk: First aired in Summer 1931
The Green Lama
Episode 1 Episode 1, "The Man who never Existed," Air Date 5/17/1949
Episode 2 Episode 2, "The Million Dollar Chopsticks," Air Date 6/26/1949
Episode 3 Episode 3, "The Last Dinosaur," Air Date 7/3/1949
King Solomon's Mines (Lux Radio Theatre)
King Solomon's Mines "King Solomon's Mines," (#805) Air Date 12/1/1952
The Lone Ranger
Episode 1 Episode 1, "Origin of the Lone Ranger," Air Date 6/30/1948
Episode 2 Episode 2, "Calamity Jane," Air Date 4/10/1944
Tailspin Tommy
Episode 1 Episode 1, "The Hidden Mine," Air Date 9/5/1941
Episode 2 Episode 2, "The Midnight Patrol," Air Date 10/5/1941

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